Wine Cocktail Recipes You Should Try for Your Next Party

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Left over wine, newly bought bottles, whatever the case, they make fun drinks that put excitement as well as class in any party. So, dip your toes into your favorite shoes, and grab a cocktail. We’ve listed the most sumptuous and flavorful wine cocktails we could find out there.

Kir Royale

Go for this classic French sparkling drink. The recipe usually calls for white wine and blackcurrant liqueur, but this one is made from luxurious champagne and Crème de cassis. It’s very sweet scent of berries is absolutely something you have to experience for yourself.

From Laylita

Hat Trick

The Hat Trick is a little bold, daring for the right reasons. It has Aperol, orange bitters and an amontillado Sherry, combining flavors you might not have thought of to work to form a brilliant beverage.

From Food & Wine

Classic White Wine Spritzer

Or, you could go for the opposite, a drink that does away from all the drama, no complex tastes and intricate concoctions that cost so much prep time… just an example of how wine can just be simple and blissful.

From All Recipes

White Wine Mojito

Not feeling the minimalist style but still want a good white wine combo? Make a Mojito! Add some mint leaves, agave and lime wedges to your spritzer to spice it up.

From Turnip the Oven

Starry Night

Dark is now a happy color. The Starry Night is mixed from Sutter Home White Zinfandel, blue curacao and raspberry vodka. Its flavors are very explosive, but it’s the distinct azure hue that makes it one-of-a-kind.

From Sutter Home

Watermelon-Moscato Slush

Cocktail slushies are wonderful for summer parties at the beach. This one has diced watermelons, freshly squeezed lemon juice and a crisp but slightly sweet Moscato –ingredients that make this a definite must-try.

From The Kitchen is My Playground

Hawaiian Sunset

Summer soirees are absolutely better with a little aloha spirit. This wonderful amber drink is made from Moscato, pineapples and cream soda. The rich and tangy tropical flavor of pineapple really gives you something to dance about!

From Sutter Home

Peach & Honey Sangria Slushies

Another slushy drink for your hot summer parties is this peach and honey sangria. The slushie is dominated by frozen peaches, brought to life by white wine and peach and orange liqueurs. It also has orange juice to give it the seamless marriage of zest, tang and sugar.

From Snappy Gourmet

Black Rose

The romantically named libation is made from chilled dry rosé wine, a dash of refreshing lemon juice and riveting vodka. The combination is prefect for any party. Add blackberries for garnish, and you’ll have a glass you’ll take with you everywhere.

From Chowhound

Campari-Fennel Aperitif

The extra sparkling wine from the kitchen, the one you had from last night’s dinner, makes an excellent drink when mixed with Campari and fennels. The aromatic herb-infused concoction might just be the right pick-me-up for your busy day.

From Food & Wine

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