10 Amazing DIY Projects for Wine Corks

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Wine corks are just as useful as the bottles they close! They’re made from tree bark, so they’re sturdy enough to withstand aging. But, their size is tiny enough to be assembled into many things, perfect for creating a lot of DIY projects.

This list celebrates that versatility which sparks many DIY ideas, ranging from something you can use around the house to intricate-looking pieces you can totally showoff. Get your corks ready because we just know you’ll do at least 3 of the things we’ve put in here!

A Wine Cork USB Flash Disk

We know! It’s totally awesome! Why spend a lot for a personalized flash disk when can make one, for free? Revive an old flash disk to get something that’s utterly different from the rest, whether you like it to be rustic or with custom drawings and etchings.

From Snapguide

An Earbud Holder/ Cord Wrapper

Detangling earbuds is one of the most annoying things on Earth. Solution? Use an old cork! Make yourself an earbud holder for an organized tangle-free cord. This clever little trick will save you from the crazy unraveling as well as the time wasted doing it.

From First for Women

Drawer Knobs

Swap loose and lackluster drawer nobs with large champagne corks, or turn a cheap-looking drawer into something unique and fancy. This is one fantastic idea for styling storage furniture to achieve a rustic but classy look without spending too much money.

From Dollar Store Crafts

A Wine Cork Topped Trunk

If you’ve amassed a large collection of wine cork, then put them to good use! This DIY repurposes those used corks brilliantly. With the upgrade, you can have a timeworn trunk as a cute coffee table to show it off in the living room. Finally, this one-of-a-kind furniture can now stay in the limelight instead of its usual place under the bed.

From Mom4 Real, LLC

A Dresser

You won’t believe how well you can turn cheap furniture into remarkable pieces of art! With 800 wine corks, glue and a sealant, you can give even your worn-out dresser a new look.

From Decorating Obsessed

A Bath Mat

Corks don’t allow moisture to pass through. This makes them great for a bathroom mat. They’re thick; they absorb shock and are very resilient. They can even stay in place to avoid slipping accidents. What more could you ask for from a humble mat?

From Mom4 Real, LLC

Canapé Knife Holders

If you have even more corks lying around the kitchen, then replace loose knife holders with them. The best part about this DIY is that you can carve the corks into adorable little designs and paint them.

From Yarnigras

Hot Pot Coasters

Wine corks also make good coasters. Their shape and thickness keep scalding hot pots off any surface much farther than conventional coasters. And with this DIY, you’re not confined to only making round ones. Hearts, stars and even letters, you can go crazy with any design!

From Lushome

A Custom Backsplash

This ambitious DIY is deceptively easy with a result that looks exquisite, not to mention very expensive. This one used 800 corks, but it’s all worth it because the counter looks amazingly chic. The DIY tutorial even offers a formula (that’s right math) that you can follow to get the correct number of corks for your backsplash. So, if you’re a dedicated wine lover, then this is a project you really can’t miss out on.

From Create Craft Love

A Rustic Chandelier

Our last DIY is another massive project that will ultimately define a room. It blends the classy and rustic together. It’s a showcase piece that’s made from simple materials. It does take time to make, but we’re definitely sure that it’ll be worth the effort!

From Mox & Fodder

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