10 Creative DIY Projects for Used Wine Bottles

wine bottles
Have you been saving wine bottles over the years? Now, it’s about to pay off!

Forget about the usual wine bottle vases; these DIY must-dos are guaranteed to save you money as well as give your home very stylish edge. Upcycled bottles create perfect elegant masterpieces that can either be modern, rustic or sophisticated. Here are 10 of the best DIYs we’ve seen:

Citronella Candles

Enjoy a buzzing-free home with these colorful and classy candles. Citronellas are very effective mosquito repellents. Place them in your balcony to ward off those pesky bugs. Those naps on the hammock during warm summer evenings have never been so peaceful!

From Hello Glow

Terrarium Wonderlands

As room décor, a personalized gift or a science project, this DIY project saves those extra bottles you’re about to throw out. Not only are terrariums good for the environment, they offer a room bit of contemporary eco-friendly style.

From Saved by Love Creations


If you want something a little more unique during special events in the house, try making these cute tumblers. They’re as smooth as regular drinking glasses, but you can etch your initials on them for a personalized look. These will look fabulous on your next dinner party – now there’s a sure-fire conversation starter!

From Brit+co

Rings and Other Jewelry

If looking fancy is more your thing, wine bottles are also great for making rings and other kinds of jewelry. You can make chic ring pendants and earrings, quite a lot from just a single bottle.

From Saved by Love Creations

A Lamp

Take a used bottle and literally put a lampshade over it. This very popular crafty idea from the internet can be stylized any way you want to suit your room’s theme and palate. It’s cheap and easy. Sometimes, you won’t even need to cover the bottle – just show if as it is and let the world know you’re good to your wine bottles.

From Home-Dzine

Handmade Candles

Even though scented candles are relatively cheap, nothing beats the relaxing feeling of making it at home. You’ll be surprised at how magical the candles will turn out. The wine bottle makes them look elegant. You can give them away as gifts or keep them around the house for a bit of a romantic atmosphere.

From Lovely Greens

Garden Edging

If you want a more impressive looking front yard, then this project is for you. Line up bottles at your plots’ edges. Wine bottles can stand against the elements, and it takes a really long time for them to show any sign of decay. So now, the flowers aren’t the only ones that give your yard a colorful and captivating look.

From DIY Joy

A Classy Table Centerpiece

For seasoned DIY warriors out there (or if you’re just really good at cutting glass), this project gives any table, be it for a dining room or a grand wedding, a completely tasteful and sophisticated look without costing you a huge amount of money.

From Rustic DIY Projects

A Privacy Screen

If you have a huge collection of bottles, try building a wall… seriously. This flamboyant DIY may need more work than some, but you can see exactly why it needs all that effort. The result is nothing short of spectacular. And, if you like it now, wait until the sun hits it. Can you imagine the rain of vibrant colors on your balcony?

From Ideas 2 Live 4

A Colorful Chandelier

For a modern touch without too much expenses, try giving life to old wine bottles by suspending them securely as light fixtures. To match your current décor, this DIY shows you how to paint each bottle to give it that bright opaque effect of colors that comes with very expensive chandeliers nowadays.

From Mod Podge Rocks!

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