Amazing Health Benefits of Red Wine

Pouring red wine from bottle into glass with wooden wine casks on background Instead of swallowing a fistful of pills, isn’t it so much sweeter to just drink a glass of wine?

It’s long been rumored that red wine is a major player when it comes to promoting good health. In fact, a lot of researches have been published to support several popular claims. Here are a few of these claims, the best benefits you can reap from drinking your favorite bottle of booze.

It fights off cancer

Depending on your situation, there is no number one health benefit when it comes to drinking wine. But, if we have to rank them, then it’s definitely its ability to protect you against cancer. That’s right. The deadliest (and probably most commercialized) disease can be kept at bay by drinking one glass of red wine each day.

There have been many researches that explored red wine’s medical benefits in averting cancer. Three of the most studied are about colon, breast, and prostate cancer. Many experts claim that Resveratrol, a substance found in the skin and seeds of red grapes used to make red wine, kills cancer cells. It reduces the risk of colon cancer by half and is also able to lessen the enzyme that causes breast tumors. Consequently, men who reportedly drink about 4 to 7 glasses of red wine have a lesser chance of getting prostate cancer. More conclusive evidences are still being gathered to elaborate these claims, but beneficial or not, a glass of the liquor a day can’t really hurt you.

It helps your heart

Red wine’s Resveratrol helps keep blood vessels healthy. It reduces “bad” cholesterol or Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and prevents it from accumulating inside the walls of coronary arteries, the vessels that supply the heart with blood and oxygen. LDL cholesterol reduces blood flow in the arteries and in worse case scenarios, even totally blocks them off causing chest pains or heart attacks. A lot of studies have shown that adults who regularly and moderately red wine (drink about 1 to 2 glasses per day) are less likely to have that certain blockage.

Adversely, this wonderful discovery does not mean that downing a whole bottle gets you an instant healthy heart. In fact, heavy drinking of any kind of alcohol leads to even more chronic heart diseases, the very problems you’re trying to alleviate in the first place.

It wards off diabetes

The American Diabetes Association estimates that about 1 in every 11 Americans is diagnosed with diabetes, and a whopping 9 out of 10 don’t even know that they already have pre-diabetes. It’s also a very common cause of death as it was ranked number 7 back in 2010.

To prevent yourself from becoming just another number in that statistical data, you should most likely drink a glass of red wine every day. It has Polyphenols. These help in regulating cells’ fat storage and in normalizing blood sugar levels. Also, aside from its effect in decreasing LDL cholesterol, Resveratrol assists the pancreas in producing insulin, the hormone that controls the sugar you get from the food you eat. It’s said that a small glass of wine can control blood sugar levels as well as an actual drug for diabetes can.

It protects your eyes

As we grow very old, our eyes give out. We develop vision problems and eventually become blind. As you’ve noticed from your grandparents, this is completely normal. But, according research, red wine also has properties that can slow down age-related blindness or Macular Degeneration. Resveratrol slows the deterioration of our eyes’ retinas, protecting our vision. It prevents the eye blood vessels from growing out of control as we go beyond 50.

It remedies the common cold

A study conducted in Spain concluded that regularly drinking red wine lowers symptoms of the common cold and even protects your body from some types of infections. So it’s not actually a cure for the world-famous virus, but accordingly, adults who drank more than 14 glasses of the liquor a week were 40% less likely to succumb to the common cold. This effect is generally credited to red wine’s abundant antioxidants. It’s a substance that counteracts deterioration and aging. It’s known to protect our cells from free radicals, the molecules that damage the human body, and it also reduces inflammation and evidently fights off infections.

It helps you slim down

And, finally, like music to our ears, red wine helps you lose weight. In general, alcohol makes your body burn more calories per day. But for red wine, after ingesting the liquor, its Resveratrol is converted by your body into Piceatannol, a natural compound that stops fat cells from growing. It binds itself into younger fat cell’s insulin receptors and blocks off its “supply route” – a kind of pathway that helps fat cells develop and grow.

As evidence, many studies have proved people with a daily dosage of red wine have less body mass compared to those who seldom drink it or to those don’t drink at all.

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