5 Cleaning Hacks that Use Wine

Glass Of Wine Spilled On Carpet

A bottle of wine can make a night nice and relaxing or outrageously fun and exciting, but you know what else it can do? Clean things.

A wine may be the last thing you can think of when wiping off dirt and stains, but it’s surprisingly a strong cleaning agent and can even be cost effective. Here are 5 hacks that make use of that bottle you’d rather not drink anymore.

It gets rid of grease stains

Grease can be such a pain when they remain on the garage floor or on countertops. But instead of buying expensive and even harmful cleaning products to get rid of them, try using last night’s leftover white wine. Pour some over the stain; add baking soda, and let the white paste sit there for a few minutes before wiping everything off. The wine’s acidity removes the grease while the baking soda helps boost its stain-vanquishing properties.

It can clean your kitchen

Use wine to disinfect your kitchen! White wine is perfect for removing countertop rings made by mugs and other food stains. Its natural acidity disinfects your kitchen from germs like bacteria and salmonella. Just remember to use it carefully when cleaning your kitchen’s granite instalments. So, instead of using dangerous chemicals that could harm your family, use an old bottle of wine.

It’s a classy way to clean fruits and veggies

To add a little pizzazz in cleaning fruits and vegetables, pour white wine into a spray bottle and use it. The best thing about is that you no longer need to wash your favorite produce under a running tap because wine gets rid of more impurities and kills off salmonella and other types of bacteria effectively. With these many benefits, we can bet that it also makes them taste better.

It gives glass a good shine

If there’s a bottle in your wine fridge that’s way passed its prime, don’t throw it away. Spoiled wine can be used to clean dirty old glass. Mix water with 4 to 5 tablespoons of that wine, and spray the mixture into windows, glassware, and mirrors. Then, wipe it off with a paper towel or a dishrag to give that glass a brand new shine.

It can even remove its own stain

Though delicious and helpful to have around the house, red wine can be such a bane when it spills over the wrong things. If it accidentally lands on your clothes or carpet, one popular way to get rid of the stain is to put baking soda and more wine on it – white wine. Yes, it sounds counterintuitive, but white wine clears out the red wine’s stain very well. You can scrub it off easily after that. If you don’t have white wine, other clear alcohol like vodka, gin or rum have the same effect.

If you’re not loving the idea of scrubbing anything, another way is to sprinkle some salt on the stain. Salt soaks up moisture, and this includes the wine. The salt actually absorbs the stain away. Just let it set for a few hours, and then wipe it off.

Finally, if the stain is practically as old as time itself, pour boiling water over it and throw it into the wash.

So, next time your neighbor brings you a not-so-delightful bottle for a dinner party, save it. It’ll come in handy around the house!

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